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Magento Upgrade & Services

Upgrading your older Magento version to latest helps you to leverage new upgraded features, improved shopping experience, bug fixes, enhanced security, and frictionless store checkout to deliver amazing shopping experience to your buyers. That makes your store more stable and bug-free with increased performance compared to the past that reduces your cart abandonment and boost your sales respectively.

Why Choose Hikmadh For Upgrade Your Magento Store?

Hikmadh is a top choice for upgrading your Magento store due to its comprehensive expertise, seamless migration services, and proven track record of enhancing e-commerce platforms. With a focus on precision, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Hikmadh delivers unparalleled results, ensuring a smooth transition and improved performance for your Magento store upgrade.

Still Running on Outdated Magento 1.x?

As we all know, Magento is about to end support for Magento 1.x after June 2020. That means you no longer received updates or security patches for your store. Clinging to the old Magento will lead to a considerable drop in page ranking on the search engine, affect your internet visibility, and give your competitors a distinct advantage over you. That means sooner or later you have to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento, so why not today? Talk to our Magento Experts that will guide your throughout whole Magento 2 Migration Service.

Stay Secure with Latest Magento Version

If you are already using Magento 2, then make sure that your store is running on the latest Magento Version 2.3.5. Because running on the older Magento version may not just cause security issues but also keeps you away from bug fixes and latest security updates. If your store is not running on Latest Magento Version then It’s your time to make a move and make your store secure & future proof.

Still Unsure? Check out These Frequently Asked Questions

For Magento 2.x : The current latest version is 2.3.5 but you can check the latest Magento 2 version by visiting Magento Tech Release.

For Magento 1.x : If you are still using old & outdated Magento 1.x consider migrating your store to Magaento 2 first.

Yes the existing functionalities will remain same however after upgrading to latest Magento version you can enjoy more features, performance and security.

Obviously we will make sure that all your store data & customizations works properly after upgrading to the latest version. However, for more customizations, you can also Hire Magento Developer who can do the same custom code according to your requirements.

Well depending on your store complexity and data whole Magento 1 to Magento Upgrade Service time may vary. So just request a quote or ask our expert they will answer all your queries by analyzing your existing store.

Yes, In the most of cases upgrading your Magento version will not affect your existing extension functionality and compatibility so in such case we recommended you to use latest / updated extensions to avoid version compatibility issues.

Why not! No matter which platform you are using currently whether it is Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc. We can help you to re-platform all your store data to Magento 2. More details can be found on Magento Data Migration Service.

Nope, upgrading your Magento version will not affect your SEO at all however our SEO Experts will keep their eyes so you dont lose your existing Magento store rankings.

Yes, we provide 60 days (2 months) after support for our Magento upgrade service incase if any of store face any Upgrade related issues during the support period