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Magento 2 Security & Malware Removal Services

Magento is one of the most preferred CMS platforms but experiences its fair share of cybercrime. The reason? While Magento itself is a secure platform, users fail to leverage its complete benefits. As a result, almost 63% of online websites are vulnerable, which include Magento-based eCommerce stores as well. Such vulnerabilities in Magento security work in the favor of hackers lurking around to attack your website, putting your business data at risk.

Why Choose Hikmadh For Magento 2 Security Services?

Hikmadh offers expert-driven Magento 2 security solutions, combining tailored strategies and comprehensive services to fortify your e-commerce platform. With a proactive stance and timely updates, they ensure robust protection and regulatory compliance, safeguarding your business against evolving threats

Signs Of Malware Or Security Breach

While you’re busy fulfilling the orders, managing inventory and excelling in board meetings, there is a huge chance of unknown files & folders harbouring in your CMS platform without your knowledge. Here are some common warning signs that you must look out for:


130,000 websites still use Magento 1 in 2021
90% of Magento 1 websites are at high risk
16% increase was witnessed in Magento 2 security breach
25% Magento 2 websites are at critical risk

Magento 2 Website Security Services

Malware Removal

Is your website hacked? Connect with our experts for immediate website recovery & malware removal services to get your business running again.

Future Hack Prevention

We not only recover your website but provide a complete audit to troubleshoot all the vulnerabilities and prevent future attacks.

Security Warnings

Once the website is hacked, the browser shows security warnings to the visitors, which is not a good sign for your online business. Our experts guide you out of the blacklist to get rid of those security warnings.