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Magento Development & Services

Being a top-rated Magento( Adobe Commerce Cloud ) development agency, reputed solutions partner and premier extension builder. We provide Magento Development services that guarantee diverse functionality and a smooth customer experience. Build your eCommerce store and make it grow with an award winning Magento development company.

Why should you choose Magento for your online store development?

We are aware of the fact that eCommerce is having fast paced growth that changes rapidly. In such a scenario, you have to wisely choose a platform that is capable of responding appropriately.Whether you have a small or a large business, Magento is scalable as per your need. It adapts to all the requirements because of its flexibility.Moreover, Magento development supports eCommerce across multiple web browsers and devices.

Magento development life cycle ​

Our Magento Development services

Hikmadh, a Magento development company provides a range of Magento services. We are known for our premium extensions but not limited to that we do provide end-to-end Magento e-commerce services as well.

Our modular development approach provides “easy to upgrade” and easy to scale. Our customization and solutions are meant for higher performance and scalability.

Magento App Development

  • We serve mobile applications for brands such as Nokia, HTC, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, etc.
  • We help you to develop mobile application for your website. The mobile application will facilitate simple navigation to your users through the store.
  • We help you to develop both Android and iOS applications for your website. Experience a good response time for native or cross-platform applications.
  • We are also in advanced application development in terms of innovations, Augmented Reality features.

Magento 2 Theme Development

  • Choosing an appropriate theme for your website is extremely acute. The reason being, customers nowadays are fond of appealing online stores.

  • Also, analysis depicts that a UI affects the customer traffic of an online store.

  • Bitter but it’s true! An appealing store will encounter more customer traffic than an online store that barely uses any attractive UI elements.

  • Optimized themes are very essential for the store in terms of mobile SEO and definitely speed optimization.

  • Thus, experience a store which is extremely feature-rich with enhanced usability.

Magento 2 API Development

  • The API development is completely based on the REST (Representational State Transfer) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) protocols.
  • Most of the APIs are REST and quite in demand as it fetches a JSON response which is easily accessible on the websites or any device.
  • Our headless developments and native applications make use of REST APIs and associated GraphQL, which is an imperative part of headless development.
  • We even use REST API’s for web, eCommerce and PIM development as well.